Terms and Conditions for BharatRental.In

Any customer visiting the site should read the terms and the conditions carefully. In case of any clarification please contact bharatrental.in

Terms and Conditions:

  • The terms and conditions mentioned below are liable to be changed from Time to time without prior intimation.
  • It is deemed that the person who is listing the property with us has read And understood the terms and conditions properly.
  • Based on register user submitted property details only displaying in website. bharatrental.in is not guarantee any inforamtion about property details true or not.
  • The terms 'User' and 'Customer' would include both the Subscriber/Advertiser(s) and Browser/Visitor(s).
  • Bharatrental.in will diplay register number in property details, no autication doing and register number, E-mail-id not able change in dashboard .
  • when property sold out or rent out owner can delete property otherwise contact Bharatrental.in we will remove it will take some time.
  • The submited properties will appear in all major search engines when find anyone in search engine they will collect your conact number and conact you any time for buying or rental or orther purpose.
  • Bharatrental.in will update your property or delete any content violation or miss information given by register or property owner .
  • All the properties given to the website should be authenticated. Bharatrental.in will post the advertisement as. It is. Bharatrental.in will Not be responsible for any change thereafter.
  • Bharatrental.in is not responsible for any misinformation given by the Client.
  • Bharatrental.in does not guarantee the sale or rentout of the property.
  • Bharatrental.in will delete property images having watermark photos or other non related images affecting to site.
  • Bharatrental.in does not guarantee deletion (remove) of the property in any search engines appearances..
  • All property to be listed on Bharatrental.in should pay the charges on Line as per the details mentioned.
  • The owners of this site are not liable in any way of any of the information in this site. The ads are posted by individual/companies which we do not have any control to verify the authenticity of the ads. It is up to the visitors to make the proper judgement.
  • In case of the non-clearance of the payment /payment failed options, the Bharatrental.in is not responsible and in all such cases the property Listing is deemed to be not paid and such properties will be removed from The website.
  • Posting spam properties, posting same type of ads or misleading the ad bharatrental.in will block ads and users also without intimation.